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Albuquerque’s climate can be challenging, especially to concrete. Concrete tends to both absorb and retain moisture, and dry out and break down. Our dry climate and sometimes tough winters make the challenge more so, especially when freezing and thawing occurs seasonally. If the soil, or base, under the concrete is not prepared correctly, or a lot of traffic keeps going over a weakening spot, potholes and cracks happen.  When it does, repairs need to be done as soon as possible to avoid further issues.  Trying to repair concrete yourself can be a backbreaking job, and tar filling a line a band-aid at best.  Fixing a pothole requires the knowledge and ability to repair and pack the substrate and apply a correct, smooth mix to the surface.

Concrete repairs Albuquerque NM residents trust are done by Concrete Contractors Albuquerque.  We know how to repair your crack or pothole, as well as determine what caused it in the first place, and address that as well. Our quotes are always free and we will make suggestions for the best solution. Potholes are especially problematic because as they worsen, failure tends to speed up, making the hole larger. Potholes are trip hazards and damaging to vehicle tires, axles, and other parts, and can easily knock a front end out of alignment. When you contact us for a free estimate, our experienced crew will schedule as soon as possible so potential damage – and liability – can be minimized. We are locally owned and operated, and take pride in our work. If you are in need of Albuquerque NM concrete repairs, give us a call. We know you do not want a tar filled crack snaking up your nice concrete driveway, and neither do we.

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Our Testimonials...
Michael L
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Fantastic, Amazing and Fast!! Concrete Contractors Albuquerque were able to give me a quote using pictures of my space and then able to fit me in the same week and finished the job in a day. Granted my space to concrete wasn't huge, but I am so impressed with their work and how quickly he was able to accommodate. The best of concrete companies in Albuquerque nm
Jeny L
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Concrete Contractors Albuquerque did an amazing job in installing a small concrete patio for my backyard! The team was very professional. I would definitely recommend them looking to have concrete systems in Albuquerque.
Lillian N
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I needed about eight squares of my sidewalk replaced, including most of the sidewalk in front of my driveway. Concrete Contractors Albuquerque did the whole job while I was out of town and I came home to a new sidewalk. If only all contractors were this good in concrete repair in Albuquerque
Kevin D
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Concrete Contractors Albuquerque replaced a buckled sidewalk at the rear of our property. They gave a fair estimate, the finished work was first class, and the area was left clean and ready for use. Concrete Contractors Albuquerque also had a great recommendation for an arborist to trim the tree roots that were the source of the problem. Highly recommend this company for concrete repair in Albuquerque NM
Carl K
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I had the estimate within 24 hours and the work done withing a week. Concrete Contractors Albuquerque were excellent concrete stain in Albuquerque. I found them to be professional, clean, organized, reliable and knowledgeable. One of the best contractors I've ever dealt with.
Patrick G
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Concrete Contractors Albuquerque put in concrete for us for a hot tub pad behind our house. They was absolutely terrific to work with, making adjustments as we discovered a drain system in place under the proposed pad without charging us extra. It took us two years to find the time to finally get this done, and we're so excited to get to finally use our backyard space. Absolutely recommended for concrete repair Albuquerque NM.
Jerome B
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Concrete Contractors Albuquerque did a wonderful job of replacing our patio with minimal intrusion into our rose garden. Over the years some sizable cracks and buckling had developed. We were undecided whether to repair or replace the patio.They excavated about 90% of the old concrete patio, extended some of the brick edging and preserved access to the drainage trap for the building. They were professional concrete repair in Albuquerque , on-time, cleaned up in the evening.
Charles R
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We had a very good experience with Concrete Contractors Albuquerque. The completed concrete work was done timely and just the way we wanted. The price was reasonable and the quality excellent. There were no hidden costs and timeline of work given to us prior to the start of the job was accurate to the end of the job. Highly recommend Concrete Contractors Albuquerque for concrete floors in Albuquerque
Mich C
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I had cement put in on the side of my house and it looks great! They even took the time to give me info and an estimate about other work on my yard to be done in the future. I am very happy with the work done and I would hire them again for stamped concrete in Albuquerque! Very professional, good communication, on time, and great follow through! Also good pricing!
Frances R
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These guys are very professional, courteous, prompt and affordable. But perhaps most importantly, they do fantastic work! They installed a slab in my backyard on short notice for a garden shed and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Highly recommended! Call this company for concrete stain in Albuquerque